How do we get freedom wrong

 We got it wrong!

We hear this sentence a lot when we see wrong behavior around us and most of us use it. Where did it come from and why has it become so common when sarcasm is made of some people's behavior?

The word freedom has always accompanied humankind from time immemorial, despite the change of its concept from one era to another according to circumstances and events. The term freedom began when people were captured in battles since the dawn of history and exploited as slaves deprived of will and destiny without any rights. The captives and slaves aimed for freedom and emancipation from captivity and humiliation and to return to their normal, dignified life, although at that time, even the freedmen were working as servants, guards, or peasants for kings and princes, but with the development of life the mentality of human beings developed and began with freedom of belief and religion and a departure from the existing thinking deifying the king and making it all Something, since the monotheistic religions from time immemorial have played the primary role in awakening members of society that they are all equal and there is no reason to differentiate between them as one of them is free while the common people are deprived of their will or restricted by worldly laws established by people like them, but as the rule of the ruling class did not It was difficult to attract some clergymen later on and to harness religion in extending the authority and influence of the ruling class, but despite that, the role of religions was very positive in those eras in liberating people from the sway of power.

Limiting human rights to the ruling class


The natural rights of human beings have been a subject of contention throughout history, from the right to an education that was only available to the ruling class to the right to choose to work, trade, and live in dignity. Human freedom has always been subjected to persecution and robbery by the ruler or invading armies. The personal freedom of the individual did not take a great place in people's lives in the past. Rather, the focus was more on the freedom of people.

The beginning of openness to demand freedom and rights

The French Revolution was the beginning of the spark for the peoples of the world to demand rights and liberties and to depart from blind obedience to the ruler as the extreme poverty and hunger of the common people of France, and the sophistication and extravagance that the nobles and rulers of France reached, ignited the fire of anger and revenge within the common people and planted a question in the conscience of each individual, which is why the nobles have all the food, clothing and money while we starve to death, what are they better than us? Therefore, it was the most popular revolution representing the free collective thought of the people despite all the violations that occurred after the revolution later on. The thought of the revolution spread to most of the peoples of the West, and this resulted in hundreds of philosophers, activists, and writers who began to develop theories about the freedom of the individual and society because of the many turmoil and abuse, a famous saying became popular at the time, which says that a person’s freedom ends at the limits of the freedom of others, That revolution was the beginning of the formation of real republics and the establishment of constitutions that still exist today with some changes. With the progress of the times and the openness of the countries of the world to some culture and thought, freedoms became more frequent in daily life and became a very important topic, especially freedom of opinion and freedom to choose the ruler and the form of government. With the end of World War I, the issue of the freedom of self-determination of people came out into the open, and it was a qualitative leap in human history, that an entire people be given the right to self-determination, even though the issue was no more than a formality. With the end of World War II, women in the West succeeded in gaining their rights to freedom of expression, freedom to work, to run for office, equality with men in rights, custody of children, and education, although all of the above are considered public rights and women have been demanding them since ancient times, they have been achieved in a real and effective way in the era the talk. After the peoples of the West gained freedom and reached a degree of prosperity, luxury, and technological development to the extent that the limits of freedom exceeded the limits of corruption or moral decay under the name of individual freedom because they adopted absolute free thought and their abandonment of the principle of social freedom, which is determined by regulatory laws that depend on the culture or religion of the people


So that its members do not go beyond their limits and collapse the foundations of the correct society building, which the West is now paying taxes in the form of family breakdown and the disintegration of society from the inside.

On the other side of the earth, the peoples of the East began to call for freedoms and rights, but as is the custom of the East, nationalist and partisan governments took over most of the countries of the East and began to strengthen the foundations of their rule with the iron and fire at the expense of the blood, rights, and freedoms of their people, but these corrupt governments realized that their peoples would demand rights and freedoms, so terms were invented. And new ideas of freedom, including freedom of clothing and freedom of “observed” thoughts, were far from any practical application of them and did not stop that. Rather, it proceeded to bring the West’s culture into clothing and daily lifestyle, generation after generation, to shorten freedom for its people in these superficial matters and to distort the concept of freedoms and public rights such as Freedom of opinion and election, freedom of trade, freedom of learning, freedom to publish and criticize, and freedom to travel and tourism on minor issues that contradict the culture and civilization of the eastern peoples and make freedom a bogeyman from which conservative peoples fear.


When the eastern peoples or the peoples of the third world get the first opportunity of freedom to express themselves, they do wrong actions that have nothing to do with freedom, as a result of the culture of tyrannical governments that ruled the minds of peoples for tens of years. That is why the term: We have understood freedom is a common mistake because we could not understand the real freedom enjoyed by the people of the West. Rather, we applied the stage after obtaining absolute freedom, which is the use of freedom is negative and wrong matters.

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